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Construction Law​:               This area of law focuses on construction contracts (FIDIC, etc.), usually between domestic or international companies and agents. If you find that you are in dispute with any entity or individual regarding a construction contract, we can help! 

Trusts and Estates:                     Orderly arrangement and/or distribution of the assets of living or deceased persons.

                                                                                   (Wills, Living trusts, Charitable trusts, etc.)                                                                                     

Intellectual Property (Copyright and Trademark):

                                            This area of law protects your intellectual property rights in respect of, artistic or literary works, and distinctive service marks or brands. If you need to have any product, service, or work protected in New York, we can help! 

Real Property:                             Commercial and residential sale, leases, mortgages and any disputes arising.

Arbitration:                           Many disputes are resolved out of court in a timely and less formal manner. International or domestic commercial or construction agreements usually require arbitration as a pre-condition to litigation. If you are in need of representation in any arbitral proceedings, we can help!

Contracts:                            If you need assistance to draft or review any form of contracts (domestic or international), we can help!


International Trade:             This type of law deals with any arrangement in trade that crosses international borders. Any type of contract between any parties. Don't worry, we can help!

Practice Areas

Family Law:                                 Pre-nuptial agreements, post-nuptial agreements, divorces, legal separations, division of marital                                                                                           property, custody and maintenance of spouses and children.

Antitrust:                                     Fair trade and competition in the market place.

Immigration:                               Issues relating to temporary or permanent travel status to the United States.

                                                                                  (Visas, green cards, citizenships, deportation, etc.)

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